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We Have More Success Stories

Than Other Agencies Have Clients

We help scrappy startups to massive brands,
from straightforward products to ultra-complex services.

We’ll Be The Last Marketing Agency

You Ever Work With

Work with an agency that works as hard to earn
your trust as they do to earn you results.

What’s In Your Marketing Plan?

Everything It Takes To Hit Your Goals

  • Custom Strategies & Tactics

    Backed by thousands of experiments, we know what’ll work.

  • Road Map & Goal Timeline

    See the execution and the milestones we’ll commit to.

  • Expansion Opportunities

    Once goals are hit, we’ll show you how to keep growing.

  • Competitor Intelligence

    See the mistakes they’re making and the gaps they’re leaving wide open.

  • Higher Roas & Increased Click

    Shafi Dropship helps to increase your ROAS and maintain it. Ads increases the click through rate leading to higher conversions.

  • Bang On Audience

    Shafi DropshipTeam helps to target the right audience to achieve desired goals.

Facebook Ads VS Google Ads

We Know What To Do Today,

We Know What To Do Tomorrow

At the same time we’re working toward today’s goals,
we’re planning the next steps to keep you ahead.

What Happens After I Order Ads?

Our experts will get in touch with you after you place the order to get more details. When it’s done, we will need permissions or access to your FB-Google Ads Manager to start the ads.

When Will I Receive My Ads Creative Done?

The delivery time depends on the package you order. It may vary from 2 to 4 business days.

Will You Do All The Work For Me In Ads Manager?

Yes, we will access your ad account and create ads and campaigns as per the need of your website or product. There are different ways to provide access – Direct access or user access.

Do You Guarantee Sales?

We make effective and profitable ads that significantly increase the chance for sales. But sales may also depend on the products themselves, your website appearance, pricing, ad optimization strategies, implementation of our recommendations and other factors.

Can I Choose As Many Products As Possible For My Ads?

You’re welcome to choose products you’d like to be advertised, but to make the targeting effective, their number should be limited. Upto $1000 of monthly budget, we allow a max of 2 products only.

Does this Package includes Video Ads?

Yes, Our Marketing Package include 4 product video ads and if you want more product video ads then you can buy our extra addon.

Customers Sucsess Stories

Shafi Dropship catered their marketing plan to different types of decision makers on our side. They went very deep and technical for some while keeping it easy to understand for others. Very impressed with how they could answer every question we threw at them.
Adam Sendler
It’s not often I come across people who truly understand performance marketing and acquisition, Shafi Dropship does. With an additional focus on retention and LTVs, they outperform the majority of other marketers who end up with tunnel vision.
Mila Kunis
Shafi Dropship isn’t your typical crap-shoot, dime a dozen PPC agency. They actually understand quality traffic and more importantly, the vitalness of conversion. If you have a chance to work with them, take it. They’re marketing unicorns.
Mike Stuart
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