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Start your own Turnkey Dropshipping store Business
in just a few steps

IT’S LIKE BUYING A TURNKEY E-COMMERCE EMPIRE WITH ZERO OVERHEAD COSTS. We don’t give simple Premade Dropshipping stores and make your store Rough or Basic. Our experts will create your dropshipping business store with brand branding and the trendiest dropshipping products to get the maximum conversions out of your visitors. We choose the best evergreen trending products so they can sell constantly, We create stores that sell and worked all year-round. 24/7

How Shafi Dropship Can Help Launch Your Dropshipping Store

With Shafi Dropship, you get all the essentials you need to start your Shopify dropshipping store business within days. You can skip hiring designers and developers. Shafi Dropship is a one-stop solution to create your dream brand.

That way, you are ready to launch your branded dropshipping store immediately.

Here is What Shafidropship Gives You for Just $160.

10+ Apps That Drives Conversions

All the apps to help increase conversions. No additional products or apps are required!

BONUS: Free Live Chat with eCommerce Expert

When your online store is ready, we send you instructions on launching and are available for any questions.

Prebuilt Shopify dropshipping Store

We build and design Shopify dropshipping stores for their primary purpose. To sell products.

8-32 Ready To Go Products

Your store comes with currently trending products that have proven sales records. We save you time and money by doing the product research for you. No more having to spend hours and days searching products that never sell.

Logos, Images, Banners Edited

Original branding to make you stand out from your competitors.

3 month Shopify Free Trial

All new dropshipping stores will come with a 3 month Shopify Free Trial.

How Mike Went From 0 To $18,53,440.60 In Sales In 1 Year After Starting A Business With No Experience

What our clients say


Rated 4.9/5 - from over 1,200 reviews


“This is a hundred in one package. Apart from an AWESOME dropshipping store, I also received instructions how to run my FB ads. Got my first sale within 2 hours!”

Angela Palmer

Last month's profit: $13.5k


“I got a professional looking Dropshipping store with some great products. Video Ads are awesome, too. I just started Ads and waiting for the first sale. These guys know their job very well. Thanks!”

Sunder Jai

Last month's profit: $18.5k


“Everything was done in 1 days – A whole store with 20 products, texts and descriptions and targeting instructions. It started making sales as soon as I started the Ads!”

Lucas Baker

Last month's profit: $6.5k


“I ordered my store on August 20 and it was done on August 21. Started getting sales the first day without touching anything. If you don’t know or don’t have time to learn Dropshipping, just hire these guys and start earning money!”

Waqas Ahmed

Last month's profit: $10.5k


“Fantastic, fast and easy to use service. They created my dropshipping business from scratch to the first sale in 7 days! Can’t recommend enough!”

Julian Evan

Last month's profit: $4.4k


“Shafidropship is amazing to work with! Really good communication and amazing Dropshipping store. In the first month, the store made me $5.9k profit. This is the second month and I expect at least $10k!”

Maddison Ross

Last month's profit: $5.9k

My Journey all Started with some random YouTube ads I saw about dropshipping store Businesses. The idea seemed very interesting to me: the lower risk meant there was no reason not to try. So I started googling further and discovered Shafi Dropship, and that’s basically the whole story begins 🙂.
I start with a few $$ and day by day I increase my investment. With Guidance of Shafi Dropship, I invested $22,000 in a year and generated $18,53,440.60 in 1 year.
This Year I am starting a $1000 e-commerce challenge.
I had about $1000 and thought that it would be so great to start an e-commerce challenge.
The goal is to prove that anyone with a little budget can build her/his own brand.
So far I have invested a total of $22,000 in the past 1 year and made a revenue of $18,53,440.60.
That’s 90% is pure profit.
This is the report for one year.

Mike Jayden

Getting Started is Quick and Easy

Once you place your order and submit your site details, our team will start working on your store immediately.

Note : Please note that to get the FREE TRIAL you MUST provide an email address that does NOT already have an associated Shopify account.

Within 24 hours, you will receive your completed store!. You’ll receive your branded dropshipping store with Top winning products and ready to start making sales!

You’re now ready to start selling your products or services and start getting traffic! With our stores, you’ll have customer support if you have any questions to answer! We’ve got your back!

What Included in your
  • Our team builds your Turnkey dropshipping store from A to Z
  • Original branding to make you stand out from your competitors
  • We help you select the most profitable niche & Top selling products online
  • We create a professional design for your website & Guide How to automate dropship from aliexpress.
  • Over 5 integrated featured apps to help increase conversions. No additional products or apps are required!
  • Winning Products: Your store comes with currently trending products that have proven sales records. We save you time and money by doing the product research for you. 
  • No work is required from you, and no experience is necessary
  • US & Worldwide suppliers setup so your products get to their customers no matter where they are and within 4-10 days. 
  • You get a turnkey ecommerce business ready to bring in profit

Examples Of Our Work


Can't Justify This $160 Investment?

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Money Back Guarantee

Don’t want your store anymore or do you simply want a refund? Please email us at or use our customer support and we will refund you ASAP to ensure customer satisfaction.

Will I be charged after my Shopify Free Trial?

Yes, You need to shopify monthly plan to continue your journey. Prices for their plans can be seen on shopify website.

Can customers use domain bought outside Shopify?

Yes. You can simply add your own 3rd party domain once you have access of your shopify store. You can either buy your own custom domain or buy one directly through shopify.

Will you provide marketing for my store?

YES, We provide Dropshipping marketing services. We have marketing package that cost $570 We also let the store owners pick their strategies to engage more sales online. 

Note: There is no guarantee of sales.

Will Shafi Dropship set up the Terms and Conditions for my store?

We provide templates for Terms and Conditions for your store. You can change or customize it after you have received your store.

Can I add my own products to my store?

Yes you can add as many products as you want once you have your store.

Can Shafi Dropship add more products to my store products after I recieve my store?

Yes, if you decide you want us to add more products once you have your store. You can simply contact our live agent and they will guide you..

Do i need products video ads?

Yes, According to reports there are 70% audience who buy products by watching videos. You can get this services by contacting us or it will be shown you when you are going to place your order..

Important Note :

When your order will be completed you’ll be informed and given login credentials via email. After that you just need to buy your shopify plan to start your dropshipping journey.

Refunds:  You are not satisfied? No Problem, we will give you a refund of your money. After 24hours, the refund policy will not be valid. To refund, please email us at or chat with our active service provider.
Note: At MArketing Packages $570 charges are only service charges, not ad spending charges and we will only give a 50% Order refund within 15 days. After 15 days there is no refund for the marketing package. Please before placing a marketing plan talk with our live agent. 

Suppliers and Products: Please note that we import products from providers who use Oberlo or from private suppliers (who can fulfil your order in the shortest time) . You need to buy an add-on which will be offered, while you place the order. Inventory is updated automatically and if you will have any problem related to catalogue contact us at or chat with our live representative.

Technical support: It includes all support for applications and basic store functions (such as importing products). If the member does not have an in force Shopify subscription after ownership sent, standard support will end and will not be provided.
Please note, Technical support does not include any design or theme customization. Our themes are easy to customize or change, and our services are one-time and final.
Technical support does not include managing your company or business. Business owners are responsible for managing their own business, including changes made and product changes, and changes made after the business is closed. If you want us to manage your ads and stores, you need to buy our package for this service for 570 USD.

Email: Make sure to place an order using an email you haven’t used before to sign up for Shopify.

Shopify’s payment gateway policy prohibits the sale of certain substances and items. ShafiDropship is not responsible for unapproved products and does not provide payment gateways/settings. However, our customer services can guide you on how to add payments gateways and more.

Note: Store owners are responsible for their own Shopify account monthly plan. We don’t buy Shopify plans for anyone.

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