Shopify dashboard | How To Login To My Shopify Dashboard

Shopify dashboard | How to Login to Shopify Admin, Partner Dashboard & Customer Account

Shopify dashboard | Logging in to your Shopify admin could be confusing occasionally. One issue that numerous people face is that they don’t know which credential to use. Are you going to use your dispatch or address or your store name?

Moment, I’ll show you how to log in to your Shopify admin. I’ll also bandy some of the contents you’ll find upon logging in, and what they’re for.

How to Log In to Your Shopify Admin | Shopify dashboard 

There are two main ways to log in. The first is through this link https//

However, you’ll see this runner

Shopify dashboard | If you use this link. As you can see, the credential you need to use is your store name, not your dispatch address. However, just click on the link that says “ Forgot Store?” and also enter your dispatch address in the field, If you forgot your store’s name. Make sure that the dispatch address you entered is the one you used to register.

From there, Shopify will shoot you a dispatch that looks like this. As you can see, the name of the store isheathersamplestore. However, we need to enter that information, like this

Shopify dashboard | If we go back to the login page. After clicking “ Next,” Shopify will ask for the dispatch address that’s registered, so we just have to class that in. It looks like this. Eventually, you’ll be suitable to get inside your dashboard.

How to Log In on Your Phone

Shopify dashboard | To log in to your Shopify admin through your phone, the first thing you have to do is to download the app. While you could also log in from your phone’s cybersurfer, I would not recommend it because it isn’t easy to use.

Once you have downloaded the app, just launch it and it’ll ask for your dispatch address and word. Shopify dashboard | Enter both of them and also valve “ log in,” and you should get in your dashboard.

Shopify Dashboard Introductory Contents

On your Shopify dashboard, you’ll see a lot of effects. It could be confusing at first, but I’ll give you a brief description of each thing that’s planted on the left-side panel.

Orders | Shopify dashboard

This will show you a list of all the orders placed in your online store. This will also show you the status of each order. Some exemplifications of the status are “ pending” and “ open.” If there’s no order yet, you’ll see it from here. However, you’ll see a number on the top-right side of the word “ Orders, If there are orders.”


Still, you’ll be suitable to see the different products that you have uploaded If you click this. This is the area where you can also pierce your different collections. From then, you can change the prints, prices, and also move products in different collection orders.


Still, this is where you want to go, If you want to view who your guests are. From this area, you’ll see the client’s name, shipping address, and history of orders.


The reports area is where you’ll find the performance of your store. It tells you the business, deals, and other important criteria about your Shopify store.

Still, use this point, If you want to dissect what’s going on in your business. Note that different account types have different reports. More precious plans allow you to customize these reports, but you can not do it with an introductory plan.


Still, this is where you want to go, If you want to give abatements to your guests. In this section, you can produce a reduction law. When creating a reduction law, you can choose how the reduction is applied. It’s over to you if you want it to be grounded on a chance or a straightforward value. You can also choose which products or collections the abatements apply to.


Shopify dashboard | In this section, you’ll see all the apps that you have installed in your Shopify store. This is where you add, remove, or edit apps. From the list of apps, just click on the app name and the system will take you to the runner of that app. From there, you can make changes to how the apps work. This is also where you change your billing preferences for these apps.

Deals Channels

Shopify dashboard | There are several deals channels you could use with Shopify. Formerly is Facebook, and another is Amazon. There are numerous more. However, edit, or cancel these deals channels, If you want to integrate.

This is also where you’ll see “ Online Store.” This is your factual Shopify tore. Click it if you want to change your theme, add runners, cancel runners and content, and numerous further. You can not pierce your store from any other area but then.

The dashboard is easy to use. Once you click any of these options, the contents on the right side of the runner will change. At the nethermost leftism is also the Settings option. Click this if you want to make changes to your billing word, shipping norms, and others.

Summary How to Log In to Your Shopify Admin

Shopify dashboard | Shopify has made it easy to make an online store. However, know that you can make your online store for free, but only for 14 days, If you haven’t tried it yet. They offer a 14- day free trial, after which you have to select a plan to continue using the service.

Still, and you didn’t log in for months, Shopify won’t let you inside your dashboard presently If you have formerly erected a store ahead on trial. What you have to do is to pick a plan and enter your credit card information so you could activate your store.

Still, you must remember either the store name or the dispatch address used during the enrollment, If your account is active but you forgot your word. Shopify provides options to recover your password. However, just subscribe up for a new account, If you formerly forgot both.

<p style=”text-align: center;”><a href=”″><button style=”background-color: #ff7a59; color: white; border-radius: 4px;”>Create Your 14 days Free Shopify trial Account</button></a></p>

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