Shopify API | How to Get a Shopify API Key?

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Shopify API | Before we indeed get into the details of this post let’s first bandy what exactly an API key actually is. API is a condensation for an operation programming interface. Now, what does it mean “ API Crucial”? An Operation Programming Interface Key is a law that gets passed in an operation. Typically, API keys are used to help with shadowing and controlling how the interface of the app is being used. The key does this to help abuse and vituperative use of the factual API. An API key can also be used as an authentication process.

Now that everyone is caught up on what an API is, let’s talk about how you can get an API key for Shopify.

How Can I Induce API Credentials? | Shopify API

First thing’s first. You need to induce API credentials and these can be different depending on whether you’re erecting a private app for a specific store or a public app for the Shopify App store in general.

How Can I Induce Private API Credentials?

Shopify API | If you want to induce API credentials for a private app you can use your Partner dashboard or Shopify admin panel.
Let’s launch with how to produce the credentials using your Partner dashboard. Then are the way

  1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard
  2. Click on Development Stores
  3. Choose the name of the store you want to make for
  4. In Shopify Admin click on Apps
  5. Elect Manage Private Apps
  6. Click Generate API Credentials
  7. Enter in a title
  8. Click Save

Below are the way to use if you’re working in your Shopify Admin panel.

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin panel
  2. Click Apps
  3. Elect Manage Private Apps
  4. Click on Generate API Credentials
  5. Enter in a title
  6. Click Save

How Can I Induce Public API Credentials? | Shopify API

These are the way to follow if you want to induce public API credentials for a public app.

  1. Log in to your Mates dashboard
  2. Click on Apps followed by Produce App
  3. Enter the name of your app and the app URL. Make sure to check the box that reads “ I’ve read and agree to the Partner Program Agreement”
  4. Click Produce App
  5. In the App’s overview runner click on Get API Credentials
  6. Scroll to the app credentials section to view the API key and API secret crucial

You’re now each set to produce an API key for whatever kind of app you make. Whether the app will be private or public you now know what you need to do to produce the API key that will help you make your app successful.

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