Shopify Address | How to change shipping from the address on Shopify

5 Way to Add a Shipping Origin Address on Shopify | Shopify Address

Shopify Address | To spark a delivery service, you first need to do some original setup by furnishing the needed business shipping information in your Shopify admin, including a shipping origin address and package types.

Still, you should make sure your calculated shipping freights and levies are correct by setting up the exact shipping origin If your products are packed from a different position from your store’s address.

You could do this with many simple ways developed than in this composition. Below, you would anticipate finding detailed instructions with illustrations on how to add a shipping origin address on Shopify.

How to add a shipping origin address

  • Step 1 Go to Shipping
  • Step 2 Select Change shipping origin
  • Step 3 Click Manage locales
  • Step 4 Elect Add position
  • Step 5 Save address

Step 1 Go to Shipping

First, log in to your Shopify account, go to the Settings section in your bottom left corner and also elect Shipping.

Step 2 Select Change shipping origin

In the first section, Shipping origin, click Change shipping origin.

Step 3 Click Manage locales

A dialog box will also appear, click Manage locales.

Step 4 Elect Add position

In Locales settings, click the Add position button on the right.

Step 5 Save address

Shopify Address| Eventually, enter the required information of the position you want your products packed from, also click Save and you’re done setting up another shipping origin.


After having further than one shipping locales set up, remember to select the correct bone before dispatching your orders.

  • To add a shipping origin address on iPhone
  • To add a shipping origin address on Android

Conclusion | Shopify Address
Shopify Address | The below information is a detailed companion with an illustration on how to add a shipping origin address on Shopify on Desktop, iPhone, and Android. Upon customizing your Shopify shipping service, you might also want to look up how to add a package type that matches your delivery demand.

I hope you find this instruction of great backing in managing your online store.
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