Running A Part-Time Business From Home

Running A Part-Time Business From Home A New Henry’s Experience

We love conducting follow-up interviews with dropshipping business possessors! It’s instigative to watch their entrepreneurial peregrinations and see the changes in their business (and particular) lives. So, moment, we ’re talking to János, our guest from not so long agone, who keeps managing and growing a part- time business from home!

Disclaimer all the success stories published in Shafidropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Indeed though the editors may make some minor changes to the alphabet, spelling, and/ or punctuation, the repliers’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and particular prints are left unchanged.

Hi, introduce yourself to our new compendiums!

Hi, I’m János, 33 times old. Presently, I live in Hungary with my woman and with my invigorated son. I work as a web developer and manage my Shafi dropship- grounded dropshipping business.
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Can you add up your experience of launching a part- time business from home?

To begin with, before I launched this business, I had some limited ecommerce experience. I’ve erected some introductory websites before and was dealing products at original online commerce. Also I had a introductory dropshipping business in the UK with a original canine bed patron.

I liked this dropshipping model because this is the easiest and most effective way to start an own online business with minimum threat. So, after I came across an online tutorial on YouTube about erecting a WooCommerce- grounded dropshipping store with Shafidropship , I decided to make and start my own bone. I followed the Shafi dropship advice from their YouTube tutorials, and then I am!

What’s the current performance of the part- time business you ’re running from home?

I still have one store only, and then’s how effects are going.

The performance of an online part- time business that Janos runs from home

To keep it functional, I use the Shafi dropship  plugin, Shafi dropship hosting, and Shafi dropship Google Chrome extension that helps me induce checks fluently. I ’d say these tools are further than simply helpful they’re the base of starting an online store.
In the near future, I ’m planning to start using some further automated tools for better store operation – I know there’s plenitude of amazing results to explore!

Have you changed anything in your product strategy?

I continue working in the niche that’s nearly related to my woman’s favorite hobbyhorse. To find a suitable product, I make some Internet exploration devoted to this particular item, and try to find the stylish supplier on Shafidropship. While assessing the product quality, I consider its standing (at least 4 stars is obligatory). I also look at the number of deals, contents of the buyers’ reviews, and the available shipping styles. I’ve a more or less stable product range which substantially includes evergreen products, and simply multiply the original price by 2 or 3.

Since the deals are growing, I’m planning to order some products in bulk. That’s how I could serve the guests more efficiently and presumably vend these products in noncommercial for businesses. I’ve discovered that the products that I would like to vend in B2B aren’t really available in our country, or the price is too high, which is why it seems like a befitting occasion. So, yes there are some changes, or advancements to the product strategy.

What can you tell about promoting the store?
I don’t really promote it utmost of the orders are coming organically from Google. Still, I partake some posts in Facebook groups occasionally, and have plans to experiment with some of the promo channels I have n’t tried yet. But as for now, I do n’t indeed spend any plutocrat to announce the business.

How do you manage this part- time business from home?
My business is registered officially – it’s enough to simply be tone- employed to make it be. A good accountant can set it up in a day.

I spend around 2-3 hours per day on administration to reuse orders and answer guests’ dispatches. Utmost of my guests’ questions are about lengthy delivery times. To deal with their worries, I do my stylish to keep buyers streamlined all the time. As a rule, they’re understanding and there’s no trouble. I communicate with the guests in a polite way and can indeed offer a reduction pasteboard occasionally.

I enjoy the occasion to work from home, or from any other place with internet connection. Now, I’ve much further freedom, but much further tone- discipline is necessary as well. My musketeers and family, who used to be a bit sceptical about my adventure, now substantiation the business performing well – and they ’ve changed their minds!

In the future, I would like to work more on my current store, and start at least one further when I’ve enough time. I do n’t really have it now, because our baby arrived last December. 🙂

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