Running A Low- Investment Business

Running A Low- Investment Business While Working Full Time Marco’s Experience

Choosing between different options of a low- investment business nascency, new entrepreneurs generally end up launching eCommerce crapshoots of different kinds. Marco, our moment’s guest, is following the same path. Thrilled with the occasion to run an online store without force, he tried up the dropshipping business model. Let’s see how it’s working out for him!

Disclaimer all the success stories published in the Shafi dropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in written form. Indeed though the editors may make some minor changes to the ABC, spelling, and/ or punctuation, the attesters’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots, and particular prints are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!
. Hi, I’m Marco Silva from Portugal, presently living in the UK. I have worked in a university in Portugal 11 times, and also moved to Venezuela in 2011. There, I have worked as a Math and English private educator and eventually repositioned to the UK in 2015.
In England, I have been working as a postman, and in April 2020, I launched a part-time dropshipping business.

Why did you decide to get into dropshipping?
I was looking up different options for starting an online business. The dropshipping model sounded attractive to me for two main reasons. First, it does not bear a big investment of capitalists to start. Secondly, I really liked the idea of dealing with a product before I had indeed bought it.
Probing the providers of low- investment business nascency options, I plant Shafi Dropship’s YouTube channel and got interested in their generality. I communicated with the support team and asked for further information about the options. When I realized that I could start a business for$ 300, I decided to go ahead with it.

How did your low- investment business trip begin?
I have started dropshipping with Shafi dropship by buying a Premium Store from ShafiDropship. I’ve chosen the Buy It Carl store to be copied for me.

Three days after I had the store running, my first trade happened. Before, together with my woman, we have posted some of our products on our store’s Facebook runner. After that, we began inviting our buddies from our particular Facebook runners to like our Facebook Business runner. My woman’s workmate was one of the multitudinous who accepted the engagement. She liked the product shown in one of these posts, a selfie ring light, and bought it! I felt extremely motivated about the future of the business.
How is your business performing now?
I have madeUS$ with this only store, and I believe this will increase in the future.

A performance screenshot of a low- investment business

What is your product strategy?

My niche is fairly wide as the store originally had a variety of products. Still, I keep adding further I try to see what is new that can be interesting for my guests. And obviously, when it comes to seasonal products, I always import them to have them available for buyers.
When adding new products, I follow Shafi Dropship’s guidance to see the particulars’ implicit. I always check the number of deals the product has had, the shipping cost, customer reviews, and the merchandisers’ standing.

And also, I’m using several further product-related results that are heavily automated and save me a lot of time. So far, I have been using the Import List Products and also have tried the Shafi Dropship Premium Products. I liked the Premium Products more, still, as they feel to be more complete. Their descriptions have further content, which helps you get a better SEO ranking (I check and meliorate it with Yoast SEO).
How do you promote your store?

Mainly, I run Facebook announcements and advertise the winning products I was offered by Shafi Dropship when I bought the Premium store.

Interestingly, there is a different customer member for every product I am flashing. I had purchased from virile teenagers for a certain product, as I had from 35-50 time old women for another kind of product. As my store has a wide variety of products, announcement targeting gets really vital.

What can you say about managing your low- investment business on a quotidian base and planning your further strategy?
It’s a part-time design, as I formerly mentioned, so I spend about 3 hours a day on the business. The most time-consuming task for me is creating unique product descriptions, and I view the creation of attractive content for product runners as my most delicate challenge. To deal with it, I search for similar products in other stores and use them as a relief.

I am keen to register my business officially it seems to be easy, indeed though I don’t know all the legal conditions yet. My coming thing is to increase my deals and launch another store as I would like to make a living from this business. I am supported by my buddies and relatives who like the products, the prices, and the look of the website in general.

Overall, indeed though my life hasn’t changed a lot yet, I am sure this enterprise is worth trying. It’s a low- investment business and once you find the path, you come successful!
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