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How To Start An Online Business In Australia Oliver  First-Hand Experience’

Nearly every person wondering how to start an online business in Australia, or Bulgaria, or Canada – or any other country, for that matter – ultimately discovers the dropshipping business model. Is it a good choice? Where can this eCommerce model take you? Let’s talk to Kelvin, a freshman in the dropshipping business, and ask about his unique particular experience!

Disclaimer all the success stories published in the Shafi dropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in written form. Indeed though the editors may make some minor changes to the alphabet, spelling, and/ or punctuation, the repliers’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots, and particular prints are left unchanged.

Hi, please, introduce yourself!

Hello, I’m Kelvin, a first-generation emigrant from China who dislocated to Australia to witness my life. I’m an accountant by profession – and since lately, an online entrepreneur.

Why and how did you start an online business in Australia? What’s your background?
Actually, I had before experience of launching and running an eCommerce incipiency and working for an online gaming company.

When Melbourne went into lockdown due to the epidemic, I suddenly plant myself with much further free time and allowed I could invest it in erecting a side business. This is how I started looking for the options and doing a website erecting up.

Among all the online business models trending now, I plant drop shipping to be the winning one. It’s fairly easy to produce and it takes lower incipiency capital, so I allowed, why not?

What was your first business way?

I was using YouTube to learn further about setting up and running an online business and discovered Shafi Dropship and the several openings it offers to start an online store.

The option that sounded the most seductive to me was getting a custom store and letting a platoon of educated inventors do their job. But when the store was ready and handed over to me, I decided to further acclimatize it to my individual vision of a forward-looking online business.

You see, I wanted to connect this store to eBay, Amazon, etc. to try and expand this business at the coming stage of its development and growth. So, I switched to the Shafi dropship Woo plugin, and also synced my store with Shopmaster to help me with importation and listing for eBay conditioning in the future.

So, I would say that Shafi Dropship gave me the original knowledge and tutored me in how to dropshipping workshops. It gave me the chance to learn further myself and grow my business the way I see fit.

How is your business performing now?

I keep running my only store, and I keep it accompanied by eBay. This strategy proves to be parlous, but promising. My first trade happed a week after I opened an eBay account.

And it felt great! I felt agitated and understood that it could actually work.

There was a month when I reused 150 orders with a total count of about AUD 3K.

How to start an online business in Australia an illustration of an online store performance

Indeed though I encountered a lot of issues while furnishing after- deals services and doing product tables, I believe this business model has good eventuality.

These days, I’ve 5-10 orders per day on average, and I believe their number will start growing soon. I’ve much further confidence in this business model now!

To start your online business in Australia (and to make it so successful!), which product strategy do you use?
Considering products, I prefer to elect commodities easy to transport, not easy to find on the request and have a real value for a client. Of course, keeping up with the trends is also important.

To pick dependable suppliers, I check their performance on Shafi dropship, their operating history, client witnesses, and the reviews on their shipping speed.

I expand my product range constantly to keep a larger niche portfolio. In general, to be added to my store, a product must

Match my niche

  • Come from a dependable supplier
  • Have a good shipping policy
  • Show a long history of successful deals
  • See a strong demand
  • Have a high Shafi dropship score

To set the new prices, I start with assaying the request and checking the shipping bring together with the dealer’s original price. Considering the data, I make a decision on the profit periphery I want to get – and the final price, as the result.

How do you promote your business?
I use SEO and social media marketing, substantially on Facebook. These elevations don’t bring me much my business is still youthful and I can’t spend a lot on advertising.

And the great part is that I don’t have any problems with relating and understanding my target followership. Principally, the product itself tells which groups of guests to target!

How to start an online business in Australia from a legal point of view? What can you say about the operation part?
To do trading in Australia, you simply need an ABN (Australian Business Number). As long as you have an ABN, you, as an individual, are licit as a business proprietor.

And speaking about managing the business in general, I can say that it takes me 3-4 hours every day to keep the store handling. I spend this time searching for new products, doing product rosters and process orders, furnishings post-purchase support, and of course, promoting the store.

Studying my challenges, probing products, and assessing suppliers take the utmost of my time. Client service can also be challenging as guests are relatively demanding and frequently ask for a lower price. But occasionally, their requests help me see what I can ameliorate in my business practice! So, with good service and politeness, I can change their mind and learn commodities precious for my business.

And yes, I’m still learning! I hired a freelancer to help me, and I’m experimenting with the business a lot.

What’s your general print of running this kind of business in Australia?

I wouldn’t say my life has changed much formerly the business is still veritably youthful. But, I know it has implicit, and I intend to work harder! I suppose it’s a brilliant business idea, and it requires long-term continuity – and the capability to change your strategy snappily along your trip if it’s necessary.

What can you advise our compendiums – those who wonder how to start an online business in Australia or away and those who formerly run their stores?

As I said, it’s a long but promising trip. As long as you learn lots of stuff, keep going and trying, and acclimatize to changes and challenges, you’re going to be fine!

You must be ready to view this business as a long-term exertion. It isn’t a get-hot-rich scheme, and you need to be prepared for some challenges ahead of the road. But it has great eventuality as well if you find out the road and walk it persistently. I’m in the process of learning myself!
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