How I Started My Online Business

How I Started My Online Business From Elijah Story

How do you start an online business if you live in Eastern Europe? Who do you target it at and what promotional channels do you use? How do you make it legal? There are numerous questions that an eCommerce freshman needs to deal with!

Moment, we’re talking to Vladimir, an proprietor of 2 online stores, and agitating his particular experience in the field. As a successful dropshipping entrepreneur, he surely has some bits of wisdom to partake. Let’s drink him and ask how he started his business in Ukraine!

Disclaimer all the success stories published in the Shafi dropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in written form. Indeed though the editors may make some minor changes to the ABC, spelling, and/ or punctuation, the responders’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots, and particular prints are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!
Hi, I’m Vladimir, born and raised in Ukraine. I’ve been working online for over 12 times and making commercials from online marketing and advertising on the Internet. 3 times ago I also started my own dropshipping business.

Can you tell why and how you started your business in Ukraine with the dropshipping model?
I chose the dropshipping business model because it’s one of the multitudinous eCommerce strategies that let you make a decent profit without experience and spending important time and plutocrat. My education is specialized and I wasn’t tutored how to be a businessman. But my long history of doing digital marketing was further than enough to help me start.

I first heard about dropshipping quite a long time agone but didn’t originally consider it as a serious business. It was only in 2017 when I changed my mind after I came across some Shafi Dropship paraphernalia explaining how this business model works. I liked that there are instruments that make drop shippers’ life easier and a good support service that helps a lot. The knowledge base was also detailed and priceless for a freshman with no experience. So that’s what induced me to try it.

How did your dropshipping trip begin?
My first dropshipping trade happed 2 days after my store started working. It was a customer from the USA who bought a multifunctional screwdriver set. My net income from this order was nearly$ 20. I was really happy and satisfied with it.

In fact, I did nothing extraordinary or complicated to achieve this first trade. All that I did was buy a sphere, pay for hosting, import products from Shafi dropship .com using the free extension from ShafiDropship, and post links to these products on social networks. And the result wasn’t long in coming.
Now I’ve 2 dropshipping stores. Also are their recent performance figures

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What’s your product strategy?
When I was choosing business niches, the most important goods for me were the products’ demand, fashionability, and price. Now I constantly cover Shafi dropship.com to see new advents and add them to my stores if I like them. I pay attention to suppliers’ standing, number of orders, and client reviews when I choose products. A dependable and proven supplier is truly important if you want the business to work well.

Generally, I double prices and get a 100 price luxury. But occasionally it’s lower than 100 I compare final prices to Amazon and eBay prices and try to make them not truly high.
How do you manage your business on a quotidian base?
I spend 1-2 hours every day on the operation. Substantially I spend this time producing intriguing videotape reviews for my products. Occasionally there are business tasks that demand a lot of time and I look for results to help me complete them hastily. For illustration, I use the Shafi dropship plugin, Social Rabbit plugin, Google Merchant and Facebook Business. These instruments are of great help when I need to import new products, produce announcement paraphernalia and see detailed analytics on store visits, deals, and earnings.
How do you promote your stores?
When I started my business I was placing paid adverts in Google Merchant and Facebook. Now I try to step down from paid announcements. I substantially promote my stores through social media Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and some others. Substantially I post videotape reviews of the products on social media. And I have a truly different target cult. Indeed my returning guests are people from different countries, of different periods and genders.

How do you deal with delicate guests if there are any?
I set up my business in a way that minimizes guests’ complaints. So buyers don’t generally have any problems with their orders. There was a delicate case last time. A person mixed my store with some other store where he preliminarily bought commodities and got scammed. So he wrote to me and demanded to return his plutocrat and claimed on it indeed after I explained that he’s wrong. He also wrote a complaint to PayPal but PayPal didn’t take any conduct on me because I truly noway entered any payments from this person. And he indeed wanted to sue PayPal after this!

I asked him to take a screenshot of his payment with the name of the product he bought. After he transferred it to me, I compartmented the name of his product in the Google hunt. From the hunt results, I named several spots with products matching the product name from the screenshot and transferred them to him. I asked him to look at them and remember which bone he really bought. On a multitudinous day, he wrote to me and said that he really was wrong and apologized a lot.

Did you register your online business officially?
Yes, my business is 100 legal. I registered it in the USA, in Wyoming. There are simple conditions, especially if you’re anon- inhabitant. Now I only have to pay the enrollment figure and the payment for central service. It’s about$ 200 per time.

After you started a business, how has your life changed?
. In numerous ways! First of all, I earn further now. I’m not dependent on a fixed plant, I’ve no master, I plan my free and working time on my own, and I’m emotionally satisfied with this business.
I plan to keep working on the business, develop it further, and ameliorate my deals and earnings. Also, I’m allowing about new strategies that I can try to promote my products more.

My family helps me run the business and my musketeers are also interested. They constantly ask how it’s going but none of them have yet decided to start their own business.
What can you advise our compendiums – those who formerly run their stores and those who didn’t start the business yet?
Still, I wish you the swish of luck, If you formerly have a store. And if you’re only allowing about how to start an online business, stop fussing and distrusting and start making commercials!

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