Can An Ecommerce Affiliate Program Change Your Life? Let’s Ask Hogan!

Welcome our very special guest! Let’s Ask Hogan!

Drink our veritably special guest! Hogan Chua is further than just a ShafiDropship stoner, chapter, and long-time supporter. He’s a talented YouTube preceptor with thankful followership of 70K followers — and we’re agitated that he kindly agreed to partake his professional perceptivity and advice with our compendiums! As a successful member of multiple eCommerce chapter programs, he can surely educate us a thing or two about creating content, working with your followership  and of course, making plutocrat as a chapter!

Disclaimer all the success stories published in the ShafiDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in written form. Indeed though the editors may make some minor changes to the alphabet, spelling, and/ or punctuation, the repliers’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots, and particular prints are left unchanged.

Hi, please, introduce yourself!

First of all, I’d like to thank AliDropship for the occasion to partake in my story then. So then it goes!

My name is Hogan Chua, I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I went to University after high academy to study account and finance beget that was the “ path”. I only choose those subjects to beget I allowed it might be useful latterly when I start a business. But to be honest, I don’t know how important it has helped my business and what I do now. Maybe for some other diligence, it’s useful but for others ( similar as making plutocrat online) it’s presumably stylish to get real-world experience.

I guess university wasn’t that bad, with the chance to meet some new musketeers and have fun. Plus, it gives you a commodity to say when people ask you what you’re doing.

I love to play badminton, which surely takes my mind off everything, and also great physical exercise. Other than that, I like harkening to audiobooks, watching Netflix, watching food/ trip vids, or just going out for a walk to get coffee!

What’s your background in joining an e-commerce chapter program or running an online business in general?

When I first started trying to make plutocrats online, I just learned about it from blogs and forums. I started out creating many types of blogs reviewing different products and I made many deals then and there.

So I decided rather that, it’s better to transition to dealing with SEO services which did relatively well-conditioned – many times until 2014. So long agone!

Also, in mid-2015 I started creating tutorials on YouTube.

Why did you decide to concentrate on working for an eCommerce chapter program, after all? How did it all begin?
It’s a long story, but the short story is that when I was a sprat, my parents possessed an eatery. They were always working, so we didn’t have the chance to travel or do numerous conditioning. So everything about chapter marketing appealed to me


Low cost and affordability of spanning your adventure

  1. (Semi-) unresistant income
  2. The occasion to travel & work at the same time
  3. Independence – it’s presumably a commodity I value more these days because creating the effects you want is satisfying.
    My experience with chapter marketing began back around 2010 or 2011 – wow, 10 times agone!
  4. Back in the day, I was making review websites for making plutocrat online products/ courting products from Clickbank. Haha.
  5. From the end of 2011 till 2014 I was dealing SEO services & doing some marketing for original businesses.
  6. Also in 2015, I wanted to produce a night request cube dealing goodies ( inspired after being involved in one in late 2014) and for that I demanded plutocrat. So I was trying to figure out how to fund that adventure.
  7. Back in 2014 or early 2015, I had a lately erected website on WordPress and an amazing drag & drop WordPress theme called Themify for an original auto handyperson business.
  8. At the time, the utmost of the tutorials and builders out there was bad.
  9. So I realized that there was an occasion on YouTube for me to produce a videotape to show people how to make a WordPress website and monetize with web hosting.
  10. And that’s where it all started.

I guess the moral of the story is that you have to start from nearly and ultimately you’ll see the openings. Once you see that occasion, you have to take the vault.

How did you learn about AliDropship products and its e-commerce chapter program?

I stumbled across AliDropship when I wanted to start dropshipping just to test some products for a new eCommerce adventure. So I was looking for a plugin that could add that functionality to my WordPress website.

So I looked at many options and eventually ended up copying the ShafiDropship plugin.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about the plugin and whether it would work well or not.

Although I love WordPress, themes, and plugins, occasionally they don’t work well together or aren’t easy to set up and use.

Unexpectedly, AliDropship was super easy to use, and importing products from AliExpress was a breath – important better than I anticipated.

At that time, there were so numerous Shopify tutorials on dropshipping using Oberlo, but none on WordPress. So since it was a great product, I knew other people would appreciate it too and that inspired me to produce a videotape on it.

So also I inked up for the AliDropship Affiliate program and it was a breath too.

How do you rate your experience of sharing in this eCommerce chapter program?

There are lots of effects I like about the ShafiDropship chapter program

  • The commissions they’re among the loftiest bones
  • A veritably simple and easy dashboard to track commissions
  • The occasion to produce deep links (i.e linking to other runners)
  • A great product means transformations are relatively good
  • Julia, my chapter director has been a pleasure to work with, answering all enterprises I had veritably instantly
  • But overall, what I love about ShafiDropship is their great attestation, helpful attendants, coffers, fresh services, plugins, themes, and anything that helps people to produce a better dropshipping store.
  • This was the thing that impressed me the most because not numerous WordPress plugins do this. And I’m not saying this because I’m a chapter – you can see for yourself 🙂

Do you share in other eCommerce chapter programs? What’s your average income?

Yes, I also promote some web hosting, several WordPress themes, SEO software, multitudinous digital/ virtual products. Plus, I’m a member of Amazon Associates.

Generally, casting up all the chapter programs I’m a part of ( including ShafiDropship), it would be over 5 numbers per month or so on average. Right now, it’s on the lower end and hopefully working up timid-5 numbers by end of the time.

But the great thing about it is that my commissions are paid in USD – so a conversion to Australian Bones (AUD) is around x1.35. One of the great effects of chapter marketing is that you could be living in Asia or a country where the cost of living is cheaper and earn USD!

How exactly do you promote these products? What’s your advice for fellow cells?

The main strategy I use to promote the products is to produce vids on YouTube. Also, I produce content for my website and blog. Vids and papers both work well together. But if you’re starting, choose ONE medium and concentrate on that.

Still, also produce a blog, If you like writing and don’t want to be on camera.

Still, also make vids, If you don’t like writing. You don’t indeed have to show your face! If you’re doing tutorials, reviews, you can use commodities like Camtasia (PC software) and Screenflow (Mac software) for screen recordings.

Overall, do vids if you can because there’s a lot of occasions there – simply because utmost people don’t want to put themselves out there.

There are tons of videos tutoring a ton of chapter marketing strategies, but surely I would recommend either one of those two. The reason is, both primary business sources come via hunt. And every day there’s a harmonious quantum of people searching for effects. That’s how chapter marketing can be fairly unresistant!

Still, Facebook, etc, If you compare this to promoting via social media platforms similar as Instagram., those can work, too, but not as unresistant channels. They’re more one-off and it’s not as natural to promote your links to your followership every day.

Still, also I would recommend creating how-to vids, reviews If your primary focus is monetizing through some e-commerce chapter program. These types of content are great because it’s many ways down from purchasing.

Of course, you can produce other types of content, too, that may work well for followership structure/ business – it’s over to you. This is also one of the pros of chapter marketing you can be super creative.

How do you probe your target followership to connect with it better?

First, I deal with my problems that can be answered with the products I’m promoting
I read the YouTube commentary/ emails I admit
I look at questions people ask on Quora, Reddit, or niche forums
These are the three main ways, and I surely recommend trying to break your problems first. It’s the easiest and stylish way because 80 of the time your followership is facing the same problems as you.

You can produce a simple stoner profile on Milanote. It helps to know what you should include in your videotape, what to talk about and what questions you can address in your content.

An illustration of a stoner profile on Milanote, a handy tool for chapter marketers
Being a chapter marketer, treat your content as your product. Just as if you were to open an eatery, your main product would be food. So if you know your guests, you can confirm your menu to the food they love.

It’s veritably simple, but I suppose utmost people presumably don’t suppose about it this way. Rather, they just suppose about the commissions. But it’s the content that gives you commissions! And to produce great content, you need to understand the druggies/ compendiums/ observers.

What are the most delicate challenges of being a chapter marketer?

The most grueling thing about chapter marketing is surely staying focused. Since a lot of time is spent on the computer researching, jotting, testing, there can be a lot of distractions.

And especially because I’m typically working alone, without an important schedule, it’s veritably easy to work a bit, go out and come back.

To deal with this, I try to get to sleep a bit before. I also downloaded some Chrome extensions to block YouTube Home screen and Facebook. I’m still working on this, but I suppose once I do, it’ll make the biggest difference.

Due to COVID-19, we later came out of a veritably long 112-day lockdown where we were limited to just traveling within 5kms. That was tough. But I know a lot of others who have had it much tougher, so can’t complain importantly. Luckily, now the cases are under control then, and hopefully, we can get a vaccine soon. Also, we can each get back to “ normal” in mid-2021.

In terms of income, the epidemic didn’t make a too important difference. Luckily, I could keep working. The thing that made me realize was that I was fortunate to learn these chops. And it just gave me more overall clarity of what I want to do in the future.

How important time does it take you every day to manage your eCommerce chapter programs?

I don’t track how important time I spend on my online business. I presumably should, however, start working more efficiently and be more productive.

But generally, for half of the day (around 10-12 hours), I’m presumably doing commodity-related to it. It can be probing, testing, recording, editing, strategizing, reading, watching useful vids on different motifs or doing some general account and paperwork, etc.
The biggest demand on time is going to be the content.

It’s kind of funny, however. One of the main reasons to get into chapter marketing for me was the unresistant income and the chance not to do important work. And I suppose that’s presumably on a lot of people’s minds, so I want to touch on this.
What I’ve learned over time and getting aged, traveling, and doing the effects I allowed I wanted, it’s not about working less presently. Rather, it’s about progression, creating a commodity amazing/ helpful, and enjoying the process of it. It becomes nearly like a game, a sport.

Could you please partake an image of what your office or workspace looks like?

I’ve two main workspaces. I try to move around a bit because working at the same place can get uninspiring at times. The first picture is my home office and the alternate bone is my living area office.

I hope everything gets back to normal soon, so I can travel back to Asia I love the rainfall and food there.

How has your life changed?

I’ve noway had a “ real” full-time job so I don’t know what it feels like to work in an office type of terrain. I only worked part-time as a server at my pater’s eatery during high academy and university. So, if we were to compare it with being a server, the biggest difference is that because of is suitable to make plutocrat online, you can make plutocrat24/7/365 and work from anywhere. No commute to work. My schedule!

Utmost of my family/ musketeers have no idea what it’s I do exactly. I don’t mind, and I’d rather be low-key anyway. I remember at a time, I felt pressure to find a job and that people didn’t believe me. But looking back, it’s a good pressure to have and it’s veritably natural when you’re trying a commodity a bit different. All the adversaries you have are just in your mind.

What’s your advice for our compendiums – those who have formerly inked up for some eCommerce chapter program and those who are considering it?
My advice for those who are considering it’s that chapter marketing is like a sport. It’ll take time to get good at it and to start earning a decent quantum per month. So don’t anticipate it to be a progeny-rich-quick scheme. Don’t worry about chancing the perfect niche, the perfect product to promote it takes trial and error.

Still, concentrate on creating the stylish content you can, commodity new, If you formerly are part of an eCommerce chapter program and want to see better results. Rather of trying to write 10 papers, concentrate on just 1. The same is true for vids rather than 10, focus on 1. Make it to the stylish of your capability because to make commissions, you need to be ranking on the first runner. And bad content isn’t going to rank well – hence, no business and no commissions.

Doing the hard effects, putting in the time and trouble is the roadway to success.

Still, I’ve made a complete Newcomers Tutorial showing you the exact design of How to Produce an Affiliate Marketing Website – see below!
, If you want to learn further about Affiliate marketing.

And the stylish thing about it? I’m also creating a REAL niche case study illustration. Hopefully, I’ll be suitable to make an update videotape in 3-6 months to partake in the progress, so make sure to subscribe! You can also find me at

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